35 Year Reversion

In the US, copyright laws reset after 35 years. The rightful creator is given back ownership to do as they please, but not in the music industry...

Labels and Publishers Are Not Honoring the 35-Year Copyright Reversion

Many people, including artists, are unaware that they have an opportunity to reclaim the copyright to their works – compositions and/or sound recordings – that they assigned to the labels/publishers after thirty-five years.

This is because the labels and publishers don’t want rightsholders to reclaim their property.

In fact, labels and publishers are doing everything they can in order to keep the rights to these works indefinitely. It’s imperative – if you believe that musicians should not have their works tied up by labels/publishers forever – that you get involved and demand an inquiry.

Artists like Prince, The Village People, Pat Benatar and Billy Joel have filed for termination with their labels. Few have fought this legal battle in court and won, but they are the few that had the time and money to pursue a legal suit. We need to hear your voice. Get involved and tell the labels to give the artists their work back.