MusicRevolt LP

MusicRevolt is a nonprofit organization with a mission of demanding a bipartisan investigation into the practices we believe the record industry is engaging in, which prevents innovations that could create a more healthy and robust music ecosystem for artists, fans, and other stakeholders.

Please also visit our sister site, for high-level discussion, interviews with industry thought leaders, and resources for educators and others interested in a more egalitarian music industry.

Music2020’s Three-Point Manifesto:

Compensate Musicians Fairly

The market decides how much it is willing to pay for songs; knowing a fair and relevant amount of profit goes directly to the artist, producer and songwriter.

Re-evaluate the Role of Music Distributors

Radio and Streaming services must redefine their relationship as business partners to artists and labels in the role of marketing and promoting music product.

Create a Truly Egalitarian Playing Field

Where Artists fail or succeed based on their talent and energy, and not the amount of money behind them or their record label influence.